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Heather Haebler

Heather HaeblerAfter Heather Haebler’s grandmother fell again in her home, she and her mother knew they had to do something different. That something different was moving her grandmother into Unlimited Possibilities City View property, “For my grandmother and for others with dementia, you can’t give them familiarity. When you put them in a facility with a hallway and nurse station, it’s unfamiliar and very impersonal,” she believes. “But here there are couches and a regular kitchen. It’s homey; it’s not clinical.”

Haebler is thoroughly impressed with the nurses’ attentiveness toward her grandmother, “You know who’s taking care of your loved one. Your phone number is posted on the wall not in a stack of medical records somewhere,” she declares. “They call me when she has bad days.” At night, Haebler rests assured that her grandmother is safe and receives the best possible care that exists.