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The Miner Family

At first, I was concerned that living away from her home would be taking something away from mom’s familiar way of life. I was completely wrong about assisted living.  Rather than being in an empty house, she now has friends to interact with and someone to look over her 24/7. Mom now fills her days with a predictable structured day full of enriching activities and-best of all, she was able to stay right at home here in Charlotte.

Not only is this family care home terrific for mom but has been a life changing experience for my family. Gone are the days of worrying about mom making it to the pharmacy or worrying about a home care services not showing up or worrying about her being alone at night.
We looked at a number of more traditional assisted living homes together and they all felt so institutional, like a glorified hospital. Mom needed a place to call home that felt like home, with personal attention, home care and love. Your community does that wonderfully.

Mom tells me that the food is terrific and she is getting back into painting with arts and crafts and she is reading books again.  She absolutely loves the senior community and atmosphere of assisted living at Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home.  None of this would be possible without your caring staff and your innovative approach to what a famiy care home should really be like.  Mom is so happy with her new living arrangement.

Thank you for what you do and what your caring staff does.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Your family care home is the best in North Carolina.

The Miner Family.