Residential Care in Charlotte & Mint Hill, NC

Residential care homes are homes which provide long-term care to adults and/or children who reside in residential settings instead of their own houses. Unlimited Possibilities Family Home Care aids such adults by providing them Long Term Care, Geriatric Care Facility or Nursing Home Care.

The Community Care Office and local home health come into the picture when you don’t have a home that can provide you with physical assistance to live. They act like an adult day care by providing you various options. UP Family Care Home favors the idea of living in one’s own home environment for as long as possible because you get the correct quality of life by living in your own home.

You can read more about our Mint Hill or City View locations.

These adult care homes services are for individuals who cannot be looked after in their own homes or another residence. Along with this, the other reasons are:

  • Those who are physically dependent on their housemates, along with medical requirements which demand professional nursing care, and a program designed to improve/retain functional ability
  • Those who have serious behavioral problems on a frequent basis
  • Those who are clinically complex, with multiple disabilities and/or medical situations which require regular monitoring along with specialized nursing care.
  • Those who are cognitively impaired, which can range from moderate to severe

Our company’s philosophy is constructed to support the choices of the residents, aid people to function at their optimal level and give the highest quality of life possible. The top benefits of the program are:

  • Secure and safe living environment
  • Good accommodation with day and night nursing and personal care
  • Supervision in medication department and administrative work
  • Construction and maintenance of personal long term care plans
  • Designed social, physical and recreational activities
  • Healthy and nutritious meals
  • Clinical support services like social work & rehabilitation with care plan
  • Regular medical supplies and general incontinence management
  • Laundry services, which also includes personal clothes that can be cleaned without giving any special attention to the process of laundering

To clear the eligibility criteria for the services, one must go through an assessment of health care needs conducted by Community Care Case Manager and Home Health.

Therefore, by keeping every aspect in mind, Up Family Care Home provides a night professional supervision and care to adults in a friendly and supporting environment.

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