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After Heather Haebler’s grandmother fell again in her home, she and her mother knew they had to do something different. That something different was moving her grandmother into Unlimited Possibilities City View property, “For my grandmother and for others with dementia, you can’t give them familiarity. When you put them in a facility with a hallway and nurse station, it’s unfamiliar and very impersonal,” she believes. “But here there are couches and a regular kitchen. It’s homey; it’s not clinical.”

Haebler is thoroughly impressed with the nurses’ attentiveness toward her grandmother, “You know who’s taking care of your loved one. Your phone number is posted on the wall not in a stack of medical records somewhere,” she declares. “They call me when she has bad days.” At night, Haebler rests assured that her grandmother is safe and receives the best possible care that exists.

At first, I was concerned that living away from her home would be taking something away from mom’s familiar way of life. I was completely wrong about assisted living.  Rather than being in an empty house, she now has friends to interact with and someone to look over her 24/7. Mom now fills her days with a predictable structured day full of enriching activities and-best of all, she was able to stay right at home here in Charlotte.

Not only is this family care home terrific for mom but has been a life changing experience for my family. Gone are the days of worrying about mom making it to the pharmacy or worrying about a home care services not showing up or worrying about her being alone at night.
We looked at a number of more traditional assisted living homes together and they all felt so institutional, like a glorified hospital. Mom needed a place to call home that felt like home, with personal attention, home care and love. Your community does that wonderfully.

Mom tells me that the food is terrific and she is getting back into painting with arts and crafts and she is reading books again.  She absolutely loves the senior community and atmosphere of assisted living at Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home.  None of this would be possible without your caring staff and your innovative approach to what a famiy care home should really be like.  Mom is so happy with her new living arrangement.

Thank you for what you do and what your caring staff does.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Your family care home is the best in North Carolina.

When choosing an assisted living place for my Dad, I thought about a number of factors including quality care, food, environment, activities, cost, convenience, and proximity to Charlotte. Dad always wanted to stay in North Carolina.  When it came down to making a decision on a family care home, I selected Unlimited Possibilities because it is the decision I would want my children to make for me.  Their home care is absolutely exceptional.  It was the right choice for residential home care, Dad is very happy. He loves being in a house with homemade food and loving care and support. The UP staff and senior community have become his second family.
Joan Larsen

Reverend Covington considers James Scruggs, president of Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home, a personal friend. Their friendship blossomed after meeting at an Alzheimer’s conference, and then worked on a project together called, ‘Forget Me Not’ at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, “We both have a passion for it and I have a mother who has it {Alzheimer’s}.”

Covington believes Scruggs’ passion makes Unlimited Possibilities unparalleled, “James is a young man who strikes me as someone who is not only a good business man but someone who can match business and service and have a passion for what he is doing,” says Covington. “It’s got to be from the top that a person sets an environmental standard that is one that people can see and feel.”

Due to his mother’s illness, Covington has clearly stated if something should ever happen to him, he wants to live at a UP home. Dementia is both prevalent in his and his wife’s families, “This is a very important niche.”

Anngie Williams says Unlimited Possibilities’ model of care should be replicated as an industry standard. “I believe people will see and want to replicate it. This is not just an impersonal place with employees coming and going,” she believes. “But this is a place that you can really feel at home, loved and nurtured.”

She experiences a supportive and compassionate environment while conducting staff education seminars at Unlimited Possibilities. Williams says the company’s staff is stellar and that starts with the leadership of the President, James Scruggs. “He doesn’t just lead his staff, but he shows them,” she declares. “If there is something they need to do, he does it with them. To be a good leader you have to be able to work, follow and help people reach their goals.”

Williams believes Scruggs takes his job personal, “You see his stamp on it. It’s though he’s preparing a place for his own parents to have a choice to stay. He’s making homes for people to enjoy,” she says. “My husband and I often laugh because we say when he finishes the cottages, we want one.”

Anja Workman firmly believes that James Scruggs, president of Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home, is an avid student of life. She says it’s his heart that makes him different from others, “James brings tremendous heart to Senior Healthcare. He soaks up all the good and takes it with him and builds on it.”

She is impressed how Scruggs, who currently serves with her on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association, has become an advocate for seniors and their families by providing person-centered care options, “He is the vision of Unlimited Possibilities. His staff is really committed,” says Workman. “James is educated on the latest on Alzheimer’s and how to provide care as residents age because ultimately you want residents to age in their home. This is their home.”

Workman also finds it remarkable that the company’s standard provides a medical director for all residents. In the state of North Carolina that health care standard is mandatory only in nursing facilities, not family care homes she explains, “James has taking that standard and really evaluated it for seniors in this community by having a physician that attends to his residents which is not mandated.”

Maria Romeo has always been inspired by Unlimited Possibilities’ core mission. She believes that James Scruggs, president of Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home, is executing God’s plan for people in the community battling dementia, “He doesn’t have to sell his homes. “He runs his company with full heart and full soul. The path he’s on is for the greater good.”

Romeo often tells seniors that Unlimited Possibilities is not institutional but rather a perfect home setting for retirement years, “It’s always on my list of tours to show someone what an adult care home is in comparison to what’s out there because most people are totally unaware of it,” she insists. “I think it’s important for people to look at every single option.”

Romeo believes that Unlimited Possibilities alleviates trauma for residents. The staff of highly qualified nurses provides residents with home cooked meals, actively socializes with them on a daily basis, and much more. Romeo believes this sense of comfort provides smoother living transitions for residents because of the unique home environments.

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